Following a successful tender, Ganz Transformers and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd. manufactured and delivered an 80 MVA transformer to Denmark’s third largest district heating provider, Fjernvarme Fyn. For the first time since the resumption of production last September, the Hungarian company, which aims to further strengthen the role of Ganz in international markets, has exported products to Northern Europe.

Ganz Transformer and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd. has manufactured a special, 80 MVA, 60 / 10kV transformer for Fjernvarme Fyn, a leading Danish district heating provider. Following the testing and measurement period in September, the company delivered the equipment to Denmark in early October, which may be commissioned by the end of the month.

The Hungarian company applied for the project through the international pre-qualification system Achilles Nordics & Central-Europe. During the tender, the offer of Ganz Transformer and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd. achieved the highest score on the basis of providing the best price, delivery time and quality ratio.

Fjernvarme Fyn is the third largest district heating companies in Denmark and of the largest heat supplier in Europe. The company provides roughly 97 percent of the heating needs of Odense and its area, serving nearly 100,000 households. The main goal of the Danish company is to provide its customers the best possible heat supply at the best possible price, as well as to help increase the energy and environmental awareness of its customers.

Ganz Transformer and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd. aims to strengthen its position in the international market, especially in Europe. To this end, the Hungarian company regularly participates in international tenders, several of which have resulted in successful orders. In addition to the Danish company, the Hungarian heavy machinery manufacturer has recently exported custom equipment to Romanian, Spanish, Belgian, French, German, English, Russian and Saudi Arabian customers, with further plans to explore and open to new markets.

According to Lajos Harai, sales manager responsible for the Scandinavian region of Ganz Transformer and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd, the technical complexity of the joint Danish-Hungarian project and the short delivery time were both difficult circumstances; however, they managed to successfully take on these challenges.

“Our company specializes in custom solutions and we place great emphasis on the satisfaction of our existing and new customers.” added Jan Prins. The Chief Executive Officer of Ganz Transformer and Electric Rotating Machines Ltd. said that it was extremely important for the company to provide its customers with quality equipment with competitive delivery deadlines and detailed technical specifications during such a tender.